Gift a potted flower plant!

Most of us usually gift flowers to our loved ones on special occasions. Flowers show people that you love and care about them, but the fact is, they cannot last as long as you may want them to. The next time you want to buy yourself or someone flowers that last longer, pick up a… Read More »

Container Gardening

Most of us here live in small apartments with limited spaces, and believe that gardening is a joy only for those with big houses. The good news is that container gardening is a good solution for gardening lovers with small apartments. To begin container gardening, you need to first access the space you have for… Read More »

Tips for Indoor gardening

Understand your plant: Plants are living things and can themselves indicate their requirements. For healthy plant growth, it is necessary to observe and study your plants individually and carefully. The dampness of the soil, the posture and colour of the leaves, are a direct giveaway of the needs of your plant. Drooping leaves are a… Read More »

Pots and Planters to pimp your decor!

“You know you’re a gardener when everything you see becomes a planter.” Pots and planters are an essential component of the garden. Not only do they make gardening easier but also offer a great way to add a splash of colour to your garden. They are perfect for patios, decked areas and doorsteps. Blooming pots… Read More »

Interior trends!

As the overhead sun shines brighter with each passing day, we get prepared to welcome the summer months (slightly earlier this year). Although it does dishearten us to have to shift back indoors, as it always seems too soon, we give you reasons to look forward to happy summers. To feel good about the warmer… Read More »

Top 5 Women’s Day picks to gift your gardening lady!

With international Women’s Day just around the corner, if the lady you wish to give a gift to is a  gardening enthusiast, we have a few handy suggestions. Gardeners work with nature and love watching seeds growing into plants and flowers before planting them out in their gardens of gifting them to friends. Whilst cut… Read More »

Add colour to your garden instantly!

Bored with the way your garden looks at the moment and want to add a spurt of colour instantly! Confused about where to begin, and worried about the time it will take? A good first step to take when you decide to revamp your garden is to plan well. Establish the mood and a look… Read More »

Some of the coolest plants to grow this year!

The ongoing winter months are a treat for gardeners and plant lovers, with lush green gardens and colourful flower beds. This is a time when almost everything you grow will thrive and the periodical rain showers are an added advantage. But, you have to keep in mind that the warmer months will be here soon.… Read More »

New Furniture just arrived at Dubai Garden Centre

Happy New Year! We hope you had a wonderful time celebrating the start of 2018. Things have been pretty busy at our end especially with the 5% VAT being executed starting the 1st of January. Although we will have to increase the price on our products, we promise you, we will try even harder to… Read More »

Christmas Celebrations have begun at Dubai Garden Centre!

We absolutely love this season, so festive and so much happening all around us. As the excitement builds, we can wait no longer. So we will be celebrating Christmas at the Dubai Garden Centre on Saturday, 9th December, 16th December and 23rd December. Festivities will take place in our outdoor market ‘Garden Souq’ from 10… Read More »

New stock for Christmas!

Ho Ho Ho! Yes you heard that right. Father Christmas has arrived at the Dubai Garden Centre along with a whole new range of Christmas items and an array of fabulous gift ideas for your family and friends. Baubles and lights are twinkling from every corner, the aroma of festive cinnamon and citrus is filling… Read More »