10 most important Home Gardening Rules.

By | 23 November 2017

Rule 1: Spend time with your plants and garden. Like all living things, they need care and attention.

Rule 2: Have a plan. Use your plan to work out the different uses for each area of your garden – sitting area, barbeque area, play area, fool/water features, pathways, vegetable etc. Begin planting only when you are 100% satisfied with your garden layout.

Rule 3: For a healthy garden you need to consider what suits the plant. Do not choose your plants based on what suits you, rather choose plants depending on the amount of sunlight in each area of the garden.

Rule 4: The soil forms the foundation of your plant. Conduct a soil test to check if the soil needs any improvement with organic material and fertilizer. Prepare the soil to suit the type of plants you have selected.

Rule 5: Irrigation is best done early in the morning or late in the afternoon to minimize evaporation.

Rule 6: For the aggressive plants make sure you contain their roots by planting them in a container plunged into the ground.

Rule 7:  Use mulch on top of the soil to keep the moisture in the soil and reduce problems of weeds.

Rule 8: Move your plants as the garden matures. Smaller sun loving plants might need more sun if they are planted beneath taller growing species that have matured. Therefore they might need to be shifted.

Rule 9: Keep area free for seasonal flowers, fruits and vegetables. They add freshness and colour in the cooler month.

Rule 10: Maintain persistence. Considering the arid weather conditions in this region, gardening here may require a lot more patience and persistence. There may be a few failures, but do not stop trying.