Add colour to your garden instantly!

By | 1 February 2018

Bored with the way your garden looks at the moment and want to add a spurt of colour instantly! Confused about where to begin, and worried about the time it will take?

A good first step to take when you decide to revamp your garden is to plan well. Establish the mood and a look for your garden. Do you envision it as a serene peaceful haven where you and your family can enjoy a quiet evening? Or does a vibrant and energetic place where you can host some cool outdoor parties and activities appeal? Whatever your taste may be, you can use flowers, plants and furniture to create the required look.

Although researching appropriate plants, planting and growing takes time, and it may take a year before your vision become reality, we suggest you three ways to bring color and revamp your garden instantly:


Colourful mix of plants and pots: Visit your nearest nursery and pick a mix of colourful flowering plants. Marigolds, petunias, vincas are colourful flowers can add an instant splash of colour to your garden space. You can also consider purchasing a few bougainvillea’s, not only are they colourful but are easy to maintain and bear flowers throughout the year. Plant them in different sized container and planters with pleasing colour combinations and place them strategically at signature spots in your garden like the patio, walkway and entrance. This is sure to bring about a radical change to the way your garden looks. Be careful with the colour and combination of flowers you choose. The colours should complement the look you want for your garden. Hot hues such as reds, oranges, and yellows – are dramatic and add life and vibrancy while cool tones such as blues, aqua, greens and purples –are soothing and relaxing.


Garden décor: Although plants and flowers are the obvious choice for a gardener, it would be a good to include garden décor items that will enhance the natural planting and even brighten up an otherwise dark corner. Brightly hued garden gnomes, metal sculptures, mosaic tiles and more can be vital elements in any garden colour scheme. Adding water features can also be a good way of giving a renewed look to your existing garden décor. Like in natural settings where plants and water always move together, this combination will work wonders in your garden setting also. A water fountain or waterfall can change the entire vibe of your garden.


Furnish in style: The furniture you use to do up your garden also plays a big role in your garden design. Garden benches, gazebos, patio sets, chairs, tables and stools are available at the Dubai Garden Centre in a full spectrum of colours and motif. Colourful reclaimed benches, antique rustic iron bistro table and colourful cushions can help livening up your garden space.


Visit Dubai Garden Centre and checkout our new range of plants and furniture that can change the look of your garden instantly.