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Plants for your Bedroom that will help you sleep better.

Who doesn’t crave for a good night’s sleep free from tossing and turning and futile efforts of trying to get a few hours of good rest after a hectic day? These sleepless nights can sap us of all our energy, mood, productivity and overall quality of life. Studies show that more than 50 percent of… Read More »

Indoor plants collection at Dubai Garden Centre

Dubai Garden Centre is pleased to announce the arrival of a lovely line up of indoor plants that are sure to liven up your living space and infuse your indoors with freshness and positivity. Growing indoor plants is easy and just as fun as having an outdoor garden. If you look deeper, you will discover… Read More »

Vegetable Container Gardening – Benefits and tips by Dubai Garden Centre

Do not imagine for a moment that growing a bountiful herb or veggie garden is a privilege that only people with backyards and huge open garden spaces can enjoy. With a little love for plants and knowledge about planting, you can grow a garden in small spaces too. The best way to start growing within… Read More »

Dubai Garden Centre unveils “The Mezzanine”

We at Dubai Garden Centre are constantly thinking of ways to improve our customer experience. Whether it is through our quality services, our extensive variety of plants, pots and furniture or our merchandising displays, we strive each day to be better than the previous one. It is thanks to this that we have today become… Read More »

Herb it up with Dubai Garden Centre

Celebrating the awesomeness of food, Dubai Garden Centre provides some herbalicious options for all the food lovers of Dubai. Fresh herbs are the glorious green essentials enhancing the taste, appearance and aroma of food. Fresh herbs have the ability to transform an ordinary dish into a gourmet delicacy; not to mention the number of health… Read More »

Vietnamese Pottery

Vietnamese Pottery I guess that I have had a long love affair with Pottery. From the traditional Tiger Pots of Singapore to the beautiful, bright colourful glazed pots now coming out of China and Vietnam I love them all. When you are an expatriate living in the Middle East planting in pots means that if… Read More »

Woodstock Wind-chimes

Woodstock Wind-chimes The name Woodstock normally makes me think of the famous 3 day music festival which took place in 1969, where 32 acts performed in front of 400,000 young people but Woodstock Wind-chimes do not come from that festival. In the early 70’s , Gary Kvistad, a professional musician who lived in New York… Read More »