Container Gardening

By | 9 May 2018

Most of us here live in small apartments with limited spaces, and believe that gardening is a joy only for those with big houses. The good news is that container gardening is a good solution for gardening lovers with small apartments.

To begin container gardening, you need to first access the space you have for your mini garden. Even if it is just a corner in your living room but make sure you measure it and then go ahead with choosing your container. The size, shape and height of the container depends on whether you will be placing it on the floor or on the table top. If you are going in for a larger container it is better to place it on the floor.

Another important aspect you should consider is the variety of plants you choose. Note, that the plants you choose will be enjoying the same soil, sunlight and water. This means it would be best to select a variety of plants with similar water, soil and light requirements. Also remember to leave some space between each plantation to allow growth. You can top the soil with some decorative pebbles so that it adds to the colour and texture of the garden display.

If you are a beginner, begin with succulents and cacti, they are a fantastic option for container gardening and are easy to care. If you want to brighten up your space, make sure you purchase plant varieties that bloom. Flowering plants like vinca and petunias are a perfect option for the outdoor.

If you are interested in trying your hand in container gardening and don’t know how to begin, feel free to visit us at Dubai Garden Centre. Our team of experts will be more than happy to advise and assist you.