Desert Group Services

By | 25 May 2017

Gone are the days when houses just served the purpose of providing shelter. People now, take great interest in the way their home looks, and also invest a lot of time, energy and money in their home décor and design. Gardens, being an integral part and most often the first impression of your house, require extra care and attention. Your outdoor space should be built to complement your need and style and create a lasting impression. There is nothing more beautiful than a well-kept garden full of flowers, trees and shrubs.

Desert Group, the region’s leading eco-system builder, has introduced a new division named “DESERT GROUP SERVICES” that provides a full range of Residential maintenance services which include

Residential Landscape Maintenance

Swimming Pool and Water Feature Maintenance

Repairs and Refurbishment

We employ specialist teams with various skill sets offering the best practices in soft landscaping maintenance, irrigation techniques and systems, renovation and maintenance of swimming pools and water feature as well as renovation of residential landscapes across the U.A.E.

Visit us for all your garden and plant related queries and requirements.