Get your home ready for Eid celebration with Dubai Garden Centre

By | 27 June 2017

Embellish your home this Eid with the new range of home décor products at Dubai Garden Centre. Eid al- Fitr brings a wave of joy for people. It is all about lavishness, grandeur, fun and family gatherings, and our new range of lamps, lanterns, water features, and pots will make for the perfect addition to your Eid setting.

It is always heartwarming to invite friends and family over for a glittery, fun filled evening, to a flawlessly decorated home with classy furniture, soothing water fountains and some aptly placed plants in well matched pots. Eid gives you one more reason to do so!

Plants breathe elegance. The bold colours and varied textures of their leaves contribute aesthetically to the interiors and accentuate the look of a room. For furniture unusual textures and jaw dropping colours are in trend. Indoor water fountains can also be a great addition to your residence. Although, it is their ornamental grandeur that is usually evident, they also impart a peaceful and soothing effect to the surrounding. Commonly place at the entrance, indoor fountains need not necessarily always be the centre of attention in a room. They also serve equally well as an accessory element to suit the space’s style. But it is important to choose a fountain that suits the overall theme of your interiors.

It would also be a great idea to place your houseplants near the water feature. The closeness of house plants to indoor water fountains is no coincidence. The two appear to look like they belong to each other. In nature, it is common to find water and plants together, so it would be a good idea to try a similar setting indoors too. This combination is sure to work wonders! On the occasion of Eid you could also adorn your interiors with some exotic lamps and lanterns along with the aromatic candles to complete the feel.

Do pass by Dubai Garden Centre this weekend to view our new range of water features, pots, plants, lamps and lanterns, which are sure to add a touch of finesse to your Eid decor this year.