Gift a potted flower plant!

By | 20 May 2018

Most of us usually gift flowers to our loved ones on special occasions. Flowers show people that you love and care about them, but the fact is, they cannot last as long as you may want them to. The next time you want to buy yourself or someone flowers that last longer, pick up a potted plant instead. A flowering plant not only signifies beauty and brings a smile on the face of your loved one but is also a lifetime remembrance of your love.

However, when buying or sending a plant, it is important that you choose your plant carefully. Apart from being beautiful, pick something that is easy to care for.



These bright and cheerful daisy- like flowers can brighten the mood of any person or place. Perfect for all occasions, this plant is sure to make your day special. The Gerbera thrives when it is placed in full sun and planted in sandy soil. A little compost added at the time of planting will encourage flower growth.


Phalaenopsis Orchid

If you are looking for a gift that will blossom over and over again, then a Phalaenopsis Orchid could be just what you need.

With an abundance of bright coloured petals, the double-stemmed Phalaenopsis Orchid is guaranteed to add an instant hit of colour to your home or office. They come in different colours and produce flowers that last about two months at any time of the year. Once the flower fade, simply cut the flowering stalk band and you will soon find a new shoot appearing.


Peace Lily

This fairy like plant will bring home an aura of beauty, peacefulness and relaxation. From the pure white flowers to the bold green leaves, it is a true beauty and a hassle free gift that will keep on giving. Replant your potted peace lily in the garden to help it thrive, just remember that it prefers bright light condition and moist soil.


Red Pot Rose

This gorgeous plant will bloom and add an instant splash of colour to your home – making it a perfect gift! This flowering plant boasts of a mildly fragrant bloom and has a timeless, elegant appeal. Make sure to place it somewhere with plenty of bright light.


So the next time you decide to buy flowers pick up a potted flower plant.

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