The little green thumb!

It is never too early or too late to start planting. We at Dubai Garden Centre always suggest that the younger you start the better it is. Kids as young as preschool age are thrilled to get their hands messy with soil, plant a seed and watch their baby plants sprout from the soil and… Read More »

Indoor plants collection at Dubai Garden Centre

Dubai Garden Centre is pleased to announce the arrival of a lovely line up of indoor plants that are sure to liven up your living space and infuse your indoors with freshness and positivity. Growing indoor plants is easy and just as fun as having an outdoor garden. If you look deeper, you will discover… Read More »

Vegetable Container Gardening – Benefits and tips by Dubai Garden Centre

Do not imagine for a moment that growing a bountiful herb or veggie garden is a privilege that only people with backyards and huge open garden spaces can enjoy. With a little love for plants and knowledge about planting, you can grow a garden in small spaces too. The best way to start growing within… Read More »

Dubai Garden Centre unveils “The Mezzanine”

We at Dubai Garden Centre are constantly thinking of ways to improve our customer experience. Whether it is through our quality services, our extensive variety of plants, pots and furniture or our merchandising displays, we strive each day to be better than the previous one. It is thanks to this that we have today become… Read More »

Herb it up with Dubai Garden Centre

Celebrating the awesomeness of food, Dubai Garden Centre provides some herbalicious options for all the food lovers of Dubai. Fresh herbs are the glorious green essentials enhancing the taste, appearance and aroma of food. Fresh herbs have the ability to transform an ordinary dish into a gourmet delicacy; not to mention the number of health… Read More »

Build your garden with us – Dubai Garden Centre

Are you looking for the best quality plants, trees and some really classy quality furniture in the UAE? If you are in Dubai Garden Centre you are in the right place! Dubai Garden Centre is the one stop shop for the best quality indoor and outdoor plants, pots, gardening and furniture requirement. Showcasing an array… Read More »

Succulents – the Desert Showstopper.

Succulents – the reigning queen of the desert, is the perfect mixture of beauty and adaptability. An all-time favourite of a modern designer, this desert plant provides a wealth of intriguing shapes and unique colours. Dubai Garden Centre has a huge variety of indoor and outdoor succulents which make wonderful houseplants as well as garden… Read More »

Plumbago (Cape Plumbago or Skyflower) Plumbago Auriculata

This reliable, resilient shrub has been popular in home gardens and commercial landscapes since the Roman Empire. In fact it was a Roman Commander, Author and Naturalist nicknamed Pliny the Elder who named the Plant, he thought it could cure lead poisoning which was a real issue for the Romans. Plumbago is one of the… Read More »

The Story of growing Roses in Dubai

We all know Roses like full sun but when the U.A.E. Summer comes you need to move them to a shaded area for them to survive so it is better to plant them in a pot or planter instead of the ground. These Bare-rooted Roses are covered with a wax to avoid them drying out… Read More »

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera has developed over generations as a desert succulent, it easily grows in rocky, sandy soil so it is perfect to grow in your garden in the U.A.E. It likes full sun to partial shade and does not like to be overwatered which is unusual as 95% of the plant is made up of… Read More »

The Story behind Zola Dining Table and Chairs

Once upon a time two men met each other and realised they had a passion for wood. Justin (the Woodsman) and Edward (the Alchemist finisher) started a British Company called Square Roots (great name for a Company) and decided to design handmade, sustainable, solid wood furniture. Justin wanders in the forests of Burgundy (like the wine),… Read More »

Tecoma stans

(Part of the Bignoniaceae family) You may not have heard of Tecoma stans but it is one of those magical plants that can survive in the U.A.E in full sun, sandy soil and moderate watering. Not only that, but it has a most beautiful flower, lush green leaves and can look great all year round.… Read More »