Pots and Planters to pimp your decor!

By | 18 March 2018

“You know you’re a gardener when everything you see becomes a planter.”

Pots and planters are an essential component of the garden. Not only do they make gardening easier but also offer a great way to add a splash of colour to your garden. They are perfect for patios, decked areas and doorsteps. Blooming pots and planters offer bursts of bright colours making an area inviting and interesting. They provide the finishing touch that lifts the garden beyond the ordinary.

This being said, it is important that you choose the right pots and planters to suit your garden, taste and most importantly your plant needs. For a string display of colour on a patio or decked area opt for a larger pot or container. They are easier to manage and have a greater impact. A large container also means, you can add an array of different colours of flowers or plants. It will give your plant more room as well as moisture from the increased amount of compost. Larger planters also work well on doorsteps and verandas, where smaller pots can make the area look messy and busy.

Smaller pots are best suited for window sills or dotted around the garden to add colour in between green and rocks. For the summer months it is important to ensure that the planter you choose has plenty of drainage holes in the base. This will help prevent the compost from simply washing straight through. Depending on the season you can also choose your plants depending on the colours scheme you prefer. Thereafter, choose planters that complement your plants.

Containers can often soften the appearance of a contemporary or formal garden. Large architectural pots add interest and structure to an informal garden. Moreover a highly ornamental pot can look fabulous in an otherwise minimalist setting; equally a simple clean-lined pot does not compete with exuberant planting. Considering plant requirements, pots and planters work best for plants that have specific soil requirements. Growing them in container means they can be given soil that are best suited for them. Also, they work well to restrict the growth of plants where spaces are limited. Container have a dwarfing effect and stop plants from growing in an unruly manner. Most gardening lovers enjoy experimenting with seasonal plants, in these cases having potted plants, makes it easier to change every season.


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