Rules of the Garden World

By | 17 June 2017

Every gardener or plant lover wishes to grow a healthy garden free from insects and decay problems. A single insect is capable of ruining your entire garden. Although there are many good fertilizers and pesticides that help fight pests, there are also some basic guidelines in gardening which, if followed can discourage insects from entering in the first place. These are simple principles which we often tend to overlook, but is the key to maintaining a healthy garden.

Remove dead or dying plants: This is important as an infected plant can host pests and diseases that will in turn cause problems to other plants. Good hygiene, is as important in the garden as it is in your home.


Regular cleaning: It is important that you clean the leaves of your indoor plants regularly with a moist cloth. This will help prevent a manifestation of pests and insects due to the collection of dust. If you begin to notice signs of infection, try mixing a few drops of non-perfumed liquid soap with water and spray on the leaves of the plant. For your garden, clear the area of debris and weeds which are breeding places for insects. Always use clean mulch.


Mix Planting: Insects and pests are often plant specific. Thus when you plant a mix of plant species in your garden, pests are less likely to spread and infect the other species.


Keep foliage dry: Water your plants or gardens early in the morning so as to ensure the foliage is dry throughout the day. Wet foliage and damp rubbish on the ground is the breeding space for insects and encourages fungal problems.


Gardening tool: If you have been working with infested plants, clean your tools thoroughly with a mild bleach solution before moving on to other plants or garden areas. This will reduce the risk of spreading infection.


Seaweed fertilizer: This is an organic based fertilizer, which promotes healthy plant development in our alkaline soils. Available in Dubai Garden Centre under the label Desert Energy, this fertilizer applied to the ground or sprayed on the plant will enhance the growth of the plant and help give it the strength to withstand pest and disease attack.


These simple tips are sure to help you maintain healthier plants and gardens. Visit Dubai Garden Centre for expert advice on all your plants and garden related queries or to choose from a variety of organic based fertilizers produced locally.