Some of the coolest plants to grow this year!

By | 11 January 2018

The ongoing winter months are a treat for gardeners and plant lovers, with lush green gardens and colourful flower beds. This is a time when almost everything you grow will thrive and the periodical rain showers are an added advantage. But, you have to keep in mind that the warmer months will be here soon. But make sure this doesn’t dishearten you. Your garden can look as beautiful as it looks at the moment in the summer months too.

Below listed are few plants that not only can survive the arid climate of the region but are also beautiful. You will be pleasantly surprised how they can add so much to the beauty of your gardens. So, if you want your garden or balcony in the UAE to look great all year round, try planting the following…


Pruple Queen

A plant with such a striking coulour is a must have for every person who owns a garden. Even the stem of this plant are purple, with velvety purple leave and small, light lavender flowers. These plants and colour to the landscape and look great against any flower or foliage colour. Courtesy to it prolific nature they are great for covering large areas or for use as a trailing plant in a hanging basket. These plants multiply easily, all you need to do is replant any broken branches in the soil and it will produce a whole new plant sooner than you know.

Desert Rose

Who said it is difficult to grow roses all year round in this region? If you love growing roses trying planting a rose that is native to the region – Desert Rose. It is a striking plant with succulent stems and deep red flowers. Owing to its drought tolerance and easy upkeep properties, the Desert rose also called Adenium will keep producing its colourful flowers more so during the hotter months of summer. As its water requirement is very low make sure you all the plant to dry out completely between each watering. However there is an important consideration when growing this plant, its sap is poisonous and should never come into contact with children or pet.


Natal Plum

This low lying shrub, perfect for planting in the UAE bears edible fruit. Plants cultivated from seeds will bear fruit within the first two years. Once ripe, the fruit can be eaten whole or made into pies, jams, jellies and sauces.



This red trumpet shaped floor looks so delicate that it amazes us of how it withstands the extreme heat. But yes, it is a fact, this plant not only survives the heat but bears flowers throughout the year. Make sure you keep them in a shaded area during the peak summer month, this will help them bear more flower. The flowers of the hibiscus plant last only for a day, so be sure you do not delay in picking them before they dies off.

So if you wish to see your garden in full bloom throughout the year be sure you plant these beautiful native plants.

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