Spruce up your homes and gardens before Mr. VAT comes knocking at the door!

By | 20 December 2017

While you enjoy the festivities of the season and get your home ready with glitzing decoration for your Christmas and New Year celebrations don’t forget to buy all those exquisite home and garden décor items on your bucket list before the New Year begins. Come 1st January 2018 Dubai will give up its haven tax free title as it gears up to levy a 5% VAT on all goods and services.

But there are still a few days left for the savvy buyers to hunt and purchase their expensive favorites before the taxman comes knocking in. Similarly for your home and gardens, we suggest you VAT proof your living space too. It would be best to buy all your bigger and more expensive items like furniture, sofa sets, outdoor seating, cabinets, water features, outdoor plants and more such key piece before the year ends.

Moreover it is worth upgrading your home and garden décor products to more premium quality items  that will last you extra years. You may also consider adding a few more expensive plants for the outdoor as well as indoors. De-cluttering is an essential, you need to realise that homes are meant to feel warm and not a glitzy showroom. Surround yourself with key pieces that makes you feel happy. Signature furniture pieces, plants and some gorgeous candle, bed linen and luxurious towels to complement them, will add the final touches to your décor.

Visit Dubai Garden Centre to make those purchases which you may have left for the New Year it will be worth it! We have a variety of indoor and outdoor plants with pots to fit, water features, furniture and home accessories to suit your taste and requirements.