Summer workshops at Dubai Garden Centre

By | 29 June 2017

As kids usher in their summer vacation with zeal, excitement and plans for sleepovers, extended TV hours, unstoppable fun and video games, parents worry about how they can encourage children to utilize their time constructively. Lack of routine, indulging in extravagant fun, breaking rules are part and parcel of holidays, this apart from having to hear the ‘I’m bored’ phrase zillion times a day.

Dubai Garden Centre introduces its summer workshops, which will be filled with fun, exciting still mindful activities, which kids will enjoy. The workshops are scheduled to begin on Monday, 3rd July, and will take place three times a week (Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday) involving various activities centered on cookery, carpentry, floristry, gardening and so on. Each workshop will see a new theme that will guarantee to keep your child stimulated throughout the summer. This will be a fun way of allowing kids to discover their creative side through exploration, creativeness and experimentation.

As parents, each one of us would love that our children grow up self-reliant and achievers, but at the same time it is necessary to ensure that these values are twinned with socially responsible environmental and sustainability ethics. Inculcating in kids the love for plants and nature will help build their imaginative senses and also make them community minded. What could be better than helping them learn something they love in a serene green environment?

Enroll your little one today for some educative and sustainable workshops to be held at Dubai Garden Centre by registering at .