The little green thumb!

By | 18 May 2017

It is never too early or too late to start planting. We at Dubai Garden Centre always suggest that the younger you start the better it is. Kids as young as preschool age are thrilled to get their hands messy with soil, plant a seed and watch their baby plants sprout from the soil and turn into big plants.

It’s a great idea to share that garden experience with your child. Gardening with kids is filled with exploration, education and fun, allowing them to understand things first hand and participate in active learning. Working in a garden inspires creativity, develops nurturing skill and empowers kids to make choices, thus giving them a sense of pride in their accomplishment. Even picky eaters are usually willing to try a vegetable they’ve grown and harvested themselves.

Play around with coulourful pots and planters, use various gardening tools and make it a fun filled experience for your child and you. Let your kid have a say in which plants should be planted and involve them in creating gardening plans. Planting, designing and maintaining a garden gives children a sense of responsibility. Growing, harvesting the food they have grown help them develop healthy eating habits. And not to forget, this is the best way to indulge in some constructive fun, play and a few laughs with your child.

For urban kids, garden activities offer a connection to nature that might be in short supply amid the city’s concrete and steel. So why not book a gardening date with your child using kid friendly vegetables and seeds like herbs, tomatoes etc. and flowers like vinca, mesembryanthemum etc. that are easy to sow and easy to grow.

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