Tips for keeping you gardens watered during the summers

By | 19 April 2018

Summer is here! As we shift indoors most of us worry about how our gardens will fair during the hot months. Burnt leaves, dry grass patches and dying plants are a common in the summer, but watering them right can be really beneficial. The easiest way is, of course, to just unravel the soil and indiscriminately water the spray fresh cool water all around your garden, but this could lead to considerable water waste. We  suggest you other more effective ways of keeping your garden watered without creating all that additional waste.


Segregating plants

You might think, your garden should be watered fair and square across the entire stretch but this isn’t the case. It is always a good idea to segregate your plants as per their water requirement. This means, your garden should be planned in such a way that plants which need more water should be planted together and those with relatively lesser water requirements together. This will help you prioritize your water supplies quite easily by giving those that need it the most the lion share. This will not only save water but also help avoid under watering or over watering of your plants. If you are growing water rich fruits and vegetable, then they may require more water as compared to their counterparts like succulents which may require less frequent watering.


Water your plant at the roots

Feed your plants directly at the roots by putting a pipe into the ground on individual large plants and tree. This will help ensure there is no wastage of water by watering on the top.


Watering dry compost

Using dry compost is great for your plants. But if you have ever tried pouring water on the compost, you will notice that a lot of water runs off before the compost gets soaked. The best way to combat this would be to place a few ice cubes on top the dry compost to get the process started slowly. This is particularly useful with hanging basket as the water can have a tendency to drain away very quickly.


Avoid the use of hose pipes

Watering plants using hose pipes can lead to a considerable amount of water wastage. Quite often when you turn on a hose, water spays in an uncontrolled manner and it may take a considerable amount of water waste before you hit the right target. Therefore a good old fashioned watering can would be a great idea, as it will help you target plants with precision and control.


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