Top 5 Women’s Day picks to gift your gardening lady!

By | 1 March 2018

With international Women’s Day just around the corner, if the lady you wish to give a gift to is a  gardening enthusiast, we have a few handy suggestions. Gardeners work with nature and love watching seeds growing into plants and flowers before planting them out in their gardens of gifting them to friends. Whilst cut flowers are a short term gift, a plant creates a lasting impression.

Just as an avid home chef would love something that would help him in his culinary experiments, similarly a gardener would love a gift for his or her green thumb. Not only do gardeners love growing a variety of plants but also love sitting back and enjoying the results of their hard work. The weather conditions may not always support their gardening endeavours, as the summer months can get pretty hot, but you will always find gardeners looking for reasons to be in their gardens or visiting the garden centre for inspiration and to check out the new garden products available.

Below are our top 5 favourite gifts that your gardening lady is sure to love:


Gardening tools

All gardeners love their gardening tools and can never collect enough of them. Latest equipment always promises new levels of ease of use previously unrivaled. But yes, the new equipment can sometimes be a little expensive. Think carefully! Did you catch him admiring an electric lawnmower? Has she been commenting on how her pruning shears just don’t seem to “cut” anymore? Then you know exactly what to gift! Gardening tools and equipment make for a fantastic gift! From shovels to hedge trimmers and boots to hats, good tools and equipment are sure to brighten up the face of a gardening lover.



Give the gift of seeds! The happiness of seeing your plant grow from a seed is incomparable. Seeds are something you can never go wrong with. All gardeners love trying their hand with different varieties of seeds. Gift your valentine a collection of seeds which could be a mix of flowers, veggies and herbs. Though seeds may take time to grow into a plants and then a garden, but anything worth having is definitely worth waiting for.  Don’t forget to add the potting soil and seed trays.


A potted plant

This Women’s Day give a gift that keeps on giving. Be rest assured it is sure to bring a smile. Instead of a bouquet of cut flowers, consider gifting your lady a flowering plant. It grows, it blooms and repeats the process and it is as beautiful and long lasting as your feelings. Stop by a local nursery and see what’s available. There are a number of house plants that are known to reduce stress levels and promote good sleep. If you prefer gifting flowers on the occasion, consider wrapping a fragrant rose plant with a bow! There is another outdoor garden plant that will be a good fit for the occasion – the ‘yesterday today tomorrow’ shrub (Brunfelsia panciflora). A beautiful flowering shrub, the name itself is a perfect depiction of your emotions.


Gift a book

As much as a gardener loves gardening, they love enjoying their gardens too. Gift your lady a book that she can sit comfortably in her garden and read. It would also be a good idea to gift a gardening book. When it comes to gardening you can never know enough, the more you read the more you learn. Especially in this region where gardening can be a little tricky owing to the extreme summers, a good book on growing and maintaining your garden, is always a good read.

Another good gift would be a gardening journal book. Gardening is a journey often filled with lots of trials, errors and lessons learned along the way. A gardening journal notebook provides a great way to keep track of all of it.


Gardener’s gift hamper

If you are confused about what to gift your lady gardener and just cannot make up your mind from the variety of options available, a Gardener’s gift hamper would be a great option. You can either create your own hamper by putting in a few seed packets, a tiny plant, an all-purpose fertilizer, a few small tools and gloves.


A gift certificate card to her favourite nursery

This according to us would be the best options. Who doesn’t love a shopping spree to support their gardening habit? Moreover, you will never know what a gardener actually needs and therefore it is best left to them. A gift certificate, will be the perfect gift as well as an experience which will be cherished for a lifetime. A gardener can spend hours in a garden centre just soaking in the joy of being amongst plants.


So, whether your lady is a plant lover or otherwise give her a gift that keeps giving and stays with her memory forever.